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Desiccant Dehumidifier
HBC COTES desiccant dehumidifier consists of Adsorption rotor, drive motor, heating elements, air fans, air filters and electrical components. Every part has been built in a stainless steel cabinet and is supplied as a unit ready for operation. The only things to be connected on site are power supply and necessary air ducts.
Basically, the adsorption rotor will adsorb humidity from the air passing through it. The process air is lead through the process air filter and then through the drying section of the rotor, where the air will be dried and will leave the dehumidifier as dry air. The water from the process air has now been adsorbed in the rotor.
The rotor slowly turns and the water adsorbed in the rotor will be removed by passing with the heated up regeneration air.
The two airflows pass through the slow turning rotor simultaneously. In this way a continuous and automatic process is obtained. The rotor is constructed for the varying water adsorption/regeneration and will be able to withstand this interaction for many years without loosing its capacity. The rotor is made of silica gel on a supportive material of fiber glass.
CRB Series
CRB Model is designed for temporary tasks such as drying-out buildings, but can be used in stationary installation too. Suitable for process air flow from 120 m3/h - 400 m3/h.
CR Series
CR Model covers air flow from 100 m3/h to 5000 m3/h. All models are designed for general purpose such as room air dehumidifier, process air dyring.
CRT Series
The CRT dehumidifier series is designed for Room Air Drying, for example Applications of high water removal, or high kg/h. The design principle is the higher air flow, the higher water removal, which makes the process highly economical. The CRT series is the top quality dehumidifiers for room air drying.
CRP Series
The CRP dehumidifier series is designed for Process Air Drying, for example applications of low dew points or deep drying. For this application the dehumidifier often is connected a pre- and/or post cooler. Process drying needs very reliable equipment, and due to the special high quality components used in the CRP series, this high reliability is achieved. The CRP series dehumidifiers is the top-quality process dehumidifiers.
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