ACL News & Event
NEW!!! INDEECO Electric Radiant Heater from USA.
The research project, completed in May 1994, was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and the NAHB Research Center. Researcher found that radiant panels can save energy 33% compared to a heat pump system and 52% compared to convection heater. For more information, please contact our sales now.
December 2008

PROMOTION!!! Special discount on SIEMENS-Furnas 20A-1P-240V and 20A-2P-240V.
New PROMOTION!!! on SIEMENS-FURNAS contactors only for model 45CG10ALCX594 (20A-1P-240V) and 45CG20ALBX594 (20A-2P-240V). This special price is valid until the end of January 2009 only. Please contact our sales to get the best price
November 2008

NEW!!! HBC COTES Dehumidifier from Denmark.
NEW!!! HBC COTES Dehumidifier from Denmark. This world class and well-known products have been proved to be reliable and long lasting with minimum maintenance. Please contact us for more information and price.
January 2008

NEW!!! CONDAIR CP3 Electrode Humidifier from Switzerland.
NEW!!! CONDAIR CP3 Electrode Humidifier from Switzerland. Powerful and user-friendly. It is designed for wide range of water conductivity. De-scaling adapts to the actual water quality and optimizes water consumption. Call us now for your new project and application.
November 2007

XIAN CHUANG Pressure Controls are coming soon!!!
NEW "XIAN CHUANG" pressure controls with UL, CE approval are available both auto reset and manual reset. Contact our sales for more details and pricing.
September 2007

NEW!!! DEFENSOR MK5 Resistance Humidifier from Switzerland.
NEW!!! DEFENSOR MK5 Resistance Humidifier from Switzerland. Patented Scale Management, Low Maintenance, Reliability, and Superior Control Accuracy up to ± 1%. Completely hygienic steam for hospitals, clean rooms, food production lines, test rooms and electronic production lines. Call now for more information.
August 2007

AC Service Valves are coming soon!!!
NEW "AC" service valves are coming soon!!! We have both two and three ways ranging from 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" with connection 60 mm. solder x flare, 30 mm. solder x flare, 60 mm. solder x 60 mm. solder.
June 2007

NEW!!! SASSIN IEC-Contactors and overload relays
New IEC-Contactors and overload relays brand "SASSIN" are available with many ranges of overloads and auxiliary contacts. This product is drop-in replacement to all well-known IEC-Contactor. The price is very attractive comparing with other brands. Please feel free to contact our sales representative about the price and product specification.
May 2007