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Defensor MK5

DEFENSOR MK5 - Resistance humidifier with unique scale management, Low maintenance, Reliability and Superior control accuracy up to ± 1% RH
Defensor MK5 resistance steam humidifier is designed to meet the highest requirements in control accuracy and operation with untreated water, drinking water, or demineralized water.
It is used for the fully-automatic generation of non-pressurized, mineral-free and hygienic steam in the twin-walled design, nickel-chromium steel and plastic cylinder. The Defensor Mk5 can be connected to all commercially-available humidity controls and humidity sensors.
The unique, patented scale management system enables easy and rapid servicing during extremely long operating cycles.
Defensor MK5 also offers very high control accuracy up to ± 1%RH. Its capacity range from 5 to 80 kg/hr per system.