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Condair CP3

NEW!!! Condair CP3 - Humidification can be so easy!!!
Condair CP3 steam humidifier enables perfect adaptation to every application in accordance with customer requirements and wishes. With steam capacity up to 180 kg/hr by Link-Up system, Condair CP3 covers virtually all self-generated humidification systems.
The Condair CP3 generates non-pressurized, mineral-free and hygienic steam fully automatically in a plastic cylinder with electrode heating. It is operated with drinking water which is not subject to any additional treatment. The patented auto-adaptive control guarantees a high level of efficiency with minimum service requirements.
New CP3 offers optimization of water consumption through use of robust descaling pump. It also provides generously-dimensioned display supported by the latest microprocessor technology.
The Condair CP3 can be connected to all commercially-available humidity controls and humidity sensors.